CJFC Football Camps - Terms & Conditions

We’re delighted your child will be joining us during the school holidays! However, it’s important you read the following terms carefully, and understand that by sending your child to a CJFC football camp and by making payment, this constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


All bookings must be made through Spond which is the system we use to ensure all personal data is secure as well as handle payments. A booking is only fully complete and accepted when we receive the appropriate payment.

Cancelling a booking

For cancellation of a booking, we will require 48 hours’ notice prior to the activity start date. We operate a no refund policy, so if you cancel your booking before the 48 hours’ notice period you will receive a full credit note for a future football camp, issued by email which will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

No refund and no credit note will be issued for any booking cancelled within the 48 hours’ notice prior to the football camp start date.

Cancellation by CJFC

In exceptional circumstances, we may have to cancel particular dates/venues and will provide you with as much advance notice as possible (e.g. due to COVID-19 restrictions, coach sickness or other events beyond our control). In this event, we will offer a credit note equivalent to the amount of all monies paid for the cancelled dates/venues.

Please note CJFC are not liable for any other costs associated with the cancellation.

Late collection of child/ren

Parents/legal guardians are required to advise us ASAP if they will be late collecting their child by calling Ant Tomlinson, the Youth Team Manager and Welfare Officer, on 07951 446034. This prevents both the coaches and child from worrying. In the event of a child/ren not being collected on time the following process will be followed: A late fee will be charged per child if they are not collected by 3:15pm. The late fees are £15 for lateness of between 1-15 minutes and thereafter £1.00 per minute. For example; arrival at 3:20pm will incur a £15 charge and arrival at 3:35pm will incur a £20 charge. The late fee covers the cost of coach overtime to remain with the child. All late charges will be invoiced.

Personal property

Valuable items should not be brought to any of our camps (e.g. mobile phones). CJFC will not be liable for the loss or damage of any item of personal/valuable property brought to any venues. We advise parents and guardians to ensure that all bags and clothing are clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Please note that we will always have access to a phone in case of emergencies.

Parents/guardians are required to contact Ant Tomlinson on 07951 446034 if they wish to speak with their child during camp times, but please avoid this unless it is extremely important as it will disrupt the session.

Food and drink

Each child must bring their own clearly labelled water bottle with a packed lunch and appropriate snack. Water will always be accessible to children throughout our sessions. CJFC have a strict NO NUT policy, which MUST be adhered to during all service provisions.


CJFC ensures that all coaches and children attending services are treated with the same respect during all activities. We expect our coaches and children to be free from bullying, harassment and aggressive behaviour and will not tolerate such behaviour from children attending the camps or from their parents/legal guardians.

We will work in partnership with parents and children with the aim to manage behaviour using clear, consistent & positive strategies. Our coaches will use encouraging positive behaviour as well as providing clear guidance for managing poor behaviour and maintaining the safety and welfare of children and coaches. We have a responsibility for ensuring the wellbeing and safety of all children in our care and have approved procedures for managing behaviour.

We follow a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind. On rare occasions, and in more serious cases, CJFC reserves the right to ask parents/legal guardians to remove children from its camps. In the event of unacceptable behaviour by parents/legal guardian CJFC reserves the right to terminate any current bookings. In these events, no refund will be made for any remaining days booked, and any costs associated with the exclusion of the child, or the termination of the account including transport home, will be the responsibility of the parents/legal guardian.

Sign in and sign out of child/ren

CJFC have strict welfare procedures to ensure the safety of your child/ren which is paramount at all times:

  • All children must be signed in and out of service at the start and end of the day by a parent/legal guardian or an authorised carer.
  • At our Camps, all collectors must provide the unique word associated with their child for that day’s activities.

First aid

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered in accordance with the permissions you have agreed within the registration process to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary.

Health and medication

Any medical conditions must be fully disclosed at 1) time of registration and 2) at drop off and sign in on site. Essential prescribed medication must be handed to a coach for safe keeping and a medication consent form must be completed.

Illness and first aid

CJFC requires that all children who are ill or infectious be kept home for the full duration of their ailment, and for 48 hours after the last symptom occurs.

CJFC will only administer medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor or other health professional. If a child is deemed too ill by a coach upon arrival, we reserve the right to refuse participation until the child has been symptom free for at least 48 hours.

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary.

Programme and activities

All of the information in our literature is correct at the time of writing. However, activities and times printed on any information or timetable may change.

Activity programmes are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

Data protection

To process your booking, we need to collect personal details about you and your children. We will treat it as confidential and keep it secure, complying with all relevant UK legislation. We will use your email address and telephone number to contact you with information that relates to any bookings that you make, the CJFC camp and any information that we might need that relates to the welfare of your child.


All coaches go through strict safer recruitment process including enhanced DBS clearance reference checks and disqualification by association checks.


CJFC has Public Liability insurance cover.