Health & Safety Policy

(Reviwed and updated 2nd June 2021)

Cranbrook Juniors FC recognises that it is engaged in providing sporting activities and that accidents and injuries are, in that environment, possible. Nevertheless, the Club aims to protect the health and safety of its members and helpers as far as is reasonable, to exercise its legal duty of care, to operate within an appropriate Child Protection Policy and any relevant legislation.

The Manager/Coach is the responsible person for their ‘Age Group Team’ and this person has a duty to ensure that they hold an in-date:

  • FA Accepted Enhanced CRC check;
  • FA Emergency First Aid in Football qualification (IFAiF); and
  • FA Safeguarding Children qualification.

The following guidelines should be carried out by all Managers and Coaches:

1. Equipment

Checks should be undertaken to ensure that:

  • All players wear shin guards
  • That the football is safe (i.e. not damaged)
  • All equipment is undamaged and is used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Player’s boots and the ‘blades’ or ‘studs’ on them are checked regularly for safety.
  • All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, earrings, bands, etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed. Using tape to cover jewellery is not acceptable.

2. Playing and Training Venue

Checks should be undertaken to ensure that:

  • The pitch, sports hall, all weather surface or field for any hazards i.e. any obstacle, item or implement which may cause harm or discomfort to any player, official or spectator.
  • That goal posts are secure and safe
  • That corner flags and ‘Respect’ barriers are used correctly in matches.
  • Changing facilities are secure and safe

3. Visual Risk Assessment

By completing the checks in 1&2 (above) a Manager or Coach is performing a dynamic risk assessment on all Club activities and venues used. On completion of the assessment, the Manager or Coach should ensure that all ‘control’ measures to reduce both the severity and probability of harm from any hazard occurring are put in place and checked.

4. First Aid

Make sure a qualified first aider is at all training and match venues with a suitable first aid kit. A fully charged mobile phone should be available.

5. Contact Details

Ensure you have either a complete and up to date ‘Emergency Contacts’ schedule or a copy of all players Cranbrook Juniors Football Club Membership form.

6. Goal Post Safety

Follow FA Goal post safety guidelines (as per the document on the FA website).

7. End of Game Procedures

All equipment should be packed away safely and securely. All rubbish should be removed from areas used. Coaches should not leave the location until all Players have departed. Premises should be locked securely.

8. Incident Reporting

In the event of a person receiving an injury, an ‘Accident Report Form’ is required to be completed. Once this has been completed it is to be given to the Club Welfare Officer (CWO).

9. Parental Responsibility

Children remain the responsibility of their parents/legal guardians at all times when participating in football training, matches and any other Cranbrook Juniors Football Club activities and also when arriving and departing from them.

Cranbrook Juniors Football Club does provide all reasonable safeguards in terms of appropriately vetting its coaches and volunteers, having a Club Child Welfare Officer and acting in accordance with Policy and Advice issued by Kent County Football Association and The Football Association in the conduct of its activities and affairs.

As a Club, our volunteers do have a duty of care for the children in our membership, but this does not extend to the level of that of teachers or registered childminders and as such parents/legal guardians are advised against dropping their younger age group children off and leaving the site during football training, matches and other Cranbrook Juniors Football Club activities.

Should parents/legal guardians make any arrangements with other adults concerning their child including their supervision and transportation to/from Cranbrook Juniors Football Club activities then this is at their own responsibility in their own legal capacity and not the responsibility of Cranbrook Juniors Football Club.

In the event that anyone suspects any incident of abuse or unreasonable behaviour towards a Cranbrook Juniors FC player or by a Cranbrook Juniors FC official, you must inform the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) as soon as possible.


Club Welfare Officer: Ant Tomlinson
Tel: 07951 446034

If at any time you are not able to contact your Club Welfare Officer, or the matter is clearly serious then you can contact your CFA Welfare Officer directly:

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Lucy Kidd
Kent County FA
Tel: 01622 791850

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