Cranbrook Juniors Football Club is a community-based club that is dedicated to providing young people with the opportunity to learn and enjoy football in a safe and supportive environment. With a focus on promoting the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect, Cranbrook Juniors has established itself as a leading youth football club in the local area.

Our club is committed to developing young talent and providing access to high-quality coaching and training facilities. Our teams compete in local leagues and tournaments, offering a platform for players to showcase their skills and compete against other talented young athletes.

As a sponsor of Cranbrook Juniors Football Club, you will have the opportunity to support the growth and development of young people in your community, while also gaining valuable exposure for your business. Your support will help to provide equipment, training facilities and other resources that are essential to the success of our club.

Join us in our mission to inspire young people and promote the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect through the sport of football.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship can be a highly effective marketing strategy, providing businesses with a unique opportunity to engage with their target audience in a meaningful way. By sponsoring Cranbrook Juniors Football Club, businesses can reach a highly engaged and loyal audience of players, parents, supporters and community members. This can help to increase brand recognition, build brand awareness and establish a positive brand image.

In addition to these benefits, sponsorship can also provide businesses with access to valuable marketing assets such as branded merchandise, signage and promotional materials. These assets can help to reinforce brand messaging and create a lasting impression with the target audience.

Sponsorship can also provide opportunities for networking and relationship-building, both within the local community and beyond. Sponsoring a youth sports team like Cranbrook Juniors Football Club can create opportunities to connect with other sponsors and supporters, as well as with key stakeholders such as local authorities and community leaders.

Finally, sponsoring a youth sports team can also help to demonstrate a business’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. By supporting local initiatives and investing in the community, businesses can build a positive reputation and enhance their brand image.

Overall, sponsorship can be a highly effective marketing tool that can generate significant benefits for businesses of all sizes. By sponsoring Cranbrook Juniors Football Club, businesses can not only reach a highly engaged audience but also make a positive impact on the community and enhance their reputation.

Team Kit Sponsorship

Team kit sponsorship gives your business the chance to be seen by all match day visitors, home or away. Your logo will feature prominently on the team’s playing kit. 

Format Kit for 1 Team Kit for 2 Teams Duration
5 v 5 (U7 & U8) £1,000 £1,800 1 Season*
7 v 7 (U9 & U10) £1,200 £2,000 1 Season*
9 v 9 (U11 & U12) £1,400 £2,200 1 Season*
11 v 11 (U13+) TBC TBC TBC

* Please note that we offer significant discounts for businesses who renew for a 2nd year as team kit sponsor. 

The below are examples of the U10 match-day kit for the 2021/22 season:

Other Opportunities

Aside from kit sponsorship, there are many other opportunities for businesses to support a local football club like Cranbrook Juniors Football Club and benefit from the exposure and networking opportunities that come with it. 

One of the most common opportunities is to become a general club sponsor. This type of sponsorship can provide businesses with a wide range of benefits, such as brand exposure on the club’s website, social media accounts and marketing materials. General club sponsors may also receive branding on the club’s facilities, such as the clubhouse or pitch-side advertising boards.

Another opportunity is to sponsor specific events or activities associated with the club, such as tournaments, training sessions or community outreach programs. This type of sponsorship can help businesses to build relationships with the club’s stakeholders and promote their brand within the local community.

Businesses can also offer in-kind sponsorships, where they provide goods or services to the club in exchange for exposure and recognition. For example, a local restaurant could provide food for the club’s fundraising events in exchange for advertising on the club’s social media accounts or signage at the event.

Overall, there are many opportunities for businesses to support a local football club like Cranbrook Juniors Football Club and benefit from the exposure and networking opportunities that come with it. From general club sponsorship to event or in-kind sponsorships, businesses can find a sponsorship opportunity that aligns with their brand and marketing objectives.

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Our 2022/23 Kit Sponsors

U7s - City Wide Electrical
U9s - Bright Orange
U9s - Movo
U11s - Organised You
U11s - Pages